Start to manage & distribute
your digital 3D assets

Capsule is a full cloud based 3D digital asset management system. You can now Browse & automate your products 3D file in your browser.


Control your 3D product data

Take control of you 3D marketing product data. Store, manage & automate product 3D models and materials base on SKU


Manage your entire product variantes
Sku, Variants, Colors, Render Batch, 2D image /3D Assets, Materials, Shaders, models, Camera etc…


VR & AR with 3D content distribution
Connected with augmented, mixed and virtual reality applications. Ex: Filling a planogram visualisation


Align your 3D provider in one format 

Onboard 3D artists, studio or agency of your choice invite external designers and give them access to your data and keep 3D data in one format for all 3D artists agencies, studios & freelances.